The role of lending platforms in an uncertain economy


The role of lending platforms in an uncertain economy

With household budgets under pressure and many consumers needing a short-term cash fix, how can lenders retain trust in difficult circumstances?

Economic Uncertainty and the Role of the Courts 2-26-11

This panel will assess the role of the courts in an uncertain economic climate. Given the financial troubles plaguing the United States, how much emphasis should the judiciary place on the constitutional protection of private property? In a difficult economic climate, should a judge’s empathy for those in financial distress affect his rulings? If a state defaults on its obligations, what is the appropriate role of the courts? Should a refusal to pay constitute a violation of the Takings Clause? On a broader level, to what extent do interpretive methods have financial consequences? How much stock do investors put in stability in judicial reasoning when choosing where to place their money? Does our current law protect private property too much or not enough to maximize social utility, and should that be the standard by which we judge the legal protection of property rights? Does the experience of other countries offer any lessons in this area? The Federalist Society’s Student Division presented this panel at the 2011 Annual Student Symposium on February 26, 2011.

4:00 p.m.
Panel IV: Economic Uncertainty and the Role of the Courts

–Dean Paul G. Mahoney, University of Virginia School of Law
–Prof. Paul Stephan, University of Virginia School of Law
–Prof. Todd Zywicki, George Mason University School of Law
–Moderator: Judge Diane Sykes, U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit
–Introduction: Mr. Joseph D’Agostino, Speakers and Panels Vice Chair, University of Virginia Federalist Society

University of Virginia School of Law
Charlottesville, VA

How RXO Is Looking at an Uncertain Economy

In this episode of The Hot Seat, Spencer Tenney interviews Jared Weisfeld, the Chief Strategy Officer at RXO. They discuss what led XPO to spin off RXO, how they are building resiliency in an uncertain market, and where they see the final mile space going in 2023.


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The Role and Impact of Monetary Policy in an Uncertain Economy

How has monetary policy helped in nurturing a sluggish recovery? What expectations should the public have for the role of monetary policy in the future? How do Federal Reserve decision-makers confront or cope with uncertainty when designing and implementing monetary policy? President Charles Evans of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Lars Peter Hansen, 2013 Nobel laureate from the University of Chicago, explored these questions in an insightful and open discussion held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

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Lending And Borrowing In An Uncertain Environment – COVIDCASTJA Episode 15

Join us as we discuss what to look out for when lending and borrowing funds during uncertain times.
As the Jamaican economy begins to reopen, there will always be the question: What happens from here? ��Will it be business as usual?
Until there is a COVID-19 vaccine, there will be great uncertainty in this start and stop economy.
How will lending and borrowing take place when there are no steady solutions?�� How will banks decide which business or person is worth backing?
It is time to rethink our strategies!