Lloyds and Barclays announce expat accounts will close


Lloyds and Barclays announce expat accounts will close

British expats living in the EU and banking with Lloyds or Barclays have been informed that their accounts will close at the end of December 2020…

The Barclays app | How to register on a new device

Learn how you can register the Barclays app on a new device with these simple steps, you’ll just need your old device at the same time to get it set up. Make money work for you. Find out more about the Barclays app: https://barc.ly/44LvuQ2

The BEST & WORST Multi-Currency Accounts: Revolut, Wise, HSBC & MORE

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In this video we’ll look at the UK’s BEST and WORST multi-currency accounts. Comparing Wise, Revolut, HSBC Global Money, Barclays foreign currency accounts AND Starling Bank’s EUR account. If you’re looking for a foreign currency account, this video should help you choose.

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Revolut’s Premium Trial Terms & Conditions ��

For new customers only, T &Cs apply, see them here: https://www.revolut.com/legal/revolut-partner-promotion-freetrial/. Premium plan subscription fees will apply after the free trial period. You’ll be able to cancel for free at any point before the end of the free trial period. Once activated, you can order a Premium card. If you switch back to your current plan during the free trial period, you’ll be charged for the card and applicable break fees. Read more in our Plus, Premium, and Metal Terms here: https://www.revolut.com/legal/paid-plans/

Offer available until December 31st 2023.

0:00 Intro
0:21 Wise Multi-Currency Account
0:41 Revolut
1:36 Wise & Revolut Savings Interest
1:57 Get 3 Months of Revolut Premium for FREE
2:16 Wise & Revolut Available Currencies
2:37 Why Exchange Before You Travel
3:28 Wise & Revolut Similarities
3:35 Wise & Revolut Fixed Fees
4:10 Wise & Revolut Customer Service & Feedback
4:47 How Wise Protects Your Money
5:07 HSBC & Barclays
5:14 HSBC Global Money Account
6:45 Barclays Foreign Currency Accounts
7:26 Starling Bank EUR Account
8:00 Final Recommendations

Barclays Bank simply wastes time

Over two hours of misery because of a procedural error by the bank.

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