Google leads fresh investment in embedded lending fintech R2


Google leads fresh investment in embedded lending fintech R2

R2, an embedded lending fintech from Latin America, has received US$15mn of Series A investment led by the AI-focused venture fund of search giant Google.

The Power of Embedded Finance

Hear from Karan Maini, Vice President of Banking, Financial Services & Insurance at Persistent Systems, live from the NAFCU CEOs and Senior Executives Conference. He talks about how embedded finance has burst onto the scene and players who are not in the banking space are now able to lend to our members. Credit unions need to learn where their member bases are going, and how they can build relevant journeys for those members. Learn more about Persistent at

Fintech Exchange – Embedded Finance: Driving Growth for Banks Amid the Crisis

Are banks willing to offer a new value proposition to customer with Embedded Finance? Watch the latest episode of the #FintechExchange to learn more from FIS experts Stephane Wyper and Cory Treffiletti.

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What is Embedded Finance?

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Embedded Finance is the integration of financial services into a non-financial business or a service. Embedded Finance infrastructure companies enable platforms and companies to offer financial services such as banking, lending, payments, and investments entirely within their own apps or ecosystems.

Every time you pay for your cab online within a cab-hailing app, or purchase goods online on EMIs – right at checkout – without having to leave the app – it’s the magic of Embedded Finance.

Embedded Finance enables digital businesses in the MSME, B2C, and B2B segments to

Increase their customer lifetime value
Unlock alternate sources of revenue
Upgrade their product offering and actualise their product vision

It helps financial institutions to
Acquire new customers
Improve their margins
Offer sachetized financial products
Drive repeat transactions and Up-sell financial products

Embedded Finance enables digital platforms and financial institutions to combine forces and create a new generation of innovative and effective financial products for consumers!

Embedded Finance platforms will play a pivotal role in the distribution of financial services in this decade.

Embedded Finance will deepen Financial Inclusion and lead to an explosion of financial services into use cases that were never possible before!

What is Embedded Finance?

Embedded finance is the integration of financial tools into non-financial services and platforms, such as social media apps, gig working platforms and e-commerce sites.

Embedded finance has the potential to write the next chapter of the financial inclusion story. One defined not just by the broadening, but also the deepening of financial inclusion.

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