Encouraging more women to enter the private equity space


Encouraging more women to enter the private equity space

Fannie Delavelle discusses how we can encourage more women to enter the private equity space, while sharing her tips and tricks for women entrepreneurs

Victim opens fire on would-be robbers in Melrose shootout

A brazen daytime robbery attempt was captured on video. Investigators said two men got out of their car and confronted a man, who, believing he was about to be robbed, pulled out a gun and fired at the suspects.

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Former Pres. Obama trolls Pres. Biden

Former Pres. Obama trolls Pres. Biden during his first event back at the White House since 2017, jokingly calling him “Vice President Biden.”

Conversation with Private Equity

The Travillian Group’s Brett Rabatin and Brian Love welcome private equity investors David Honold (Patriot Financial Partners) and Tony Scavuzzo (Castle Creek Capital) to discuss community banking and what to expect in the uncertain future.

1:54 – David Honold introduction
2:33 – Tony Scavuzzo introduction
3:06 – Overall state of the industry and outlook (David)
6:40 – How Private Equity evaluates bank leadership (Tony)
10:04 – Possibility of retirements due to the pandemic (Tony)
12:09 – Characteristics that excite Private Equity investors (Tony and David)
14:50 – Branch consolidation and M &A (David and Tony)
17:48 – Subdebt and capital for offense and defense (David and Tony)
21:15 – FinTech disruption (Tony)
22:29 – Final thoughts (David and Tony)

Celebrating Women in Private Equity

Today is International Women’s Day and the American Investment Council is highlighting women throughout the private equity industry. These women play a crucial role in building stronger businesses and supporting female entrepreneurs.