Accounts receivable overlooked for digitisation, survey says


Accounts receivable overlooked for digitisation, survey says

The accounts receivable function is being overlooked for digitisation while miscommunication in the invoice-to-cash cycle is rife, according to Versapay.

Management of Accounts Receivables-III

How to set smart KPIs for accounts payable and accounts receivable

Key performance indicators are the basis for running and optimising many company functions: from production cycles to marketing and sales. However, many businesses tend to overlook the supporting functions such as accounting.

Accounts payable and accounts receivable are two sides of the same coin – to be successful, a company needs to make payments on time, while receiving payments on time. Introducing KPIs can help you measure and improve AP and AR team performance and mitigate risks. Continually focusing on and improving those KPIs will have a positive impact on the financial health of your business.

Watch this webinar and learn how to adopt strategic KPIs with industry leaders ApprovalMax and Chaser.

How Versapay Can Transform Your Accounts Receivable Department

Steady cash flow is one of the most important components of a healthy business. And the key to accelerating cash flow lies in transforming accounts receivable—more specifically, by adopting digitization to modernize core accounting and finance functions.

Join us as we show you how Versapay’s Automated AR Platform can transform your current Accounts Receivable Process to:

Improve delivery of invoices
Reduce Days Sales Outstanding
Create easier and better customer interactions
Simplify cash application

Accounts Receivables Digital Transformation Blunders to Avoid

Watch the leaders of the CFO Office take on the latest Business-IT challenges in AR –

Join this conversation with Avishek Singh, Associate Director- Digital Transformation, as he talks about the mistakes finance leaders can avoid while implementing a digital transformation strategy at the CFOs office.

Have any queries or need expert help for your company’s Accounts Receivable function? Reach out to our experts now! –

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Chapters inside:
00:00 – About the speakers.
01:09 – Reasons why digital transformation initiatives fail
06:14 – What are all the aspects that mid-market CFO offices to view digital transformation?
08:12 – What are the key areas that HighRadius support mid-market businesses with?
11:06 – How does HighRadius help customers who do not have their data sorted out?
12:09 – How to map current processes and identify the actual process needs?
13:05 – How to choose a right vendor while a company transforms their finance function?
14:55 – How HighRadius can be a right fit for your journey to digital transformation?


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